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Transition into spring with these must-haves

Transition into spring with these must-haves

Spring is a reminder of how beautiful changes can be. After months of freezing temperatures, spring is about to feel like a breath of fresh air to your skin. Your skin is far exposed to less dry air and more humidity and warm air. As a result, it's necessary to renew your healthy skincare routine to get your skin ready for the sunny spring.

Here are four changes you can make to your beauty skincare routine to brighten up your spring:

1. Wash off your winter dullness with a brightening face wash
Winters can make us hate splashing water on our faces but that doesn’t mean we should avoid it. To bring a fresh layer of skin to the surface, remove the layer of dead skin cells and air pollutants that clog your skin. Indulge in Spawake’s Brightening Solution Hydro Glow Face Wash which is a skin-rejuvenating face wash that removes dullness and promotes a radiant appearance. This special treatment is infused with sea minerals, Vitamins C & B3 and AHA which removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling clean and glowing.

2. Preserve your glow Get your glow back on with a moisturizing cream
Winter has a way of stealing your radiance. So, as you transition from winter to spring, use an enriching formula with moisture to replenish that glow. Spawake’s Moisturising Cold Cream is a deeply hydrating cream that melts into your skin without leaving you feeling sticky. It hydrates your skin so generously that your skin feels smooth and healthy on the inside as well as outside.

3. Mask up to get glowing
Indulge in a hydrating mask once or twice a week to remove winter dryness from your skin. Masks are an excellent way to instantly add a natural glow to your skin. Try Spawake’s Brightening Solution Instant Radiant Mask that restores the radiance of your skin. Made with the goodness of brightening actives like Vitamin C & B3, it infuses the skin with moisture and prevents the appearance of dark spots and dullness, giving you a spa-like glow in just 10 minutes.

4. Wake up glowing with a night cream
It's very important to use a hydrating night cream before bed to make your complexion look brighter in the morning. Try Spawake’s Brightening Solution Revitalising Night Cream, which melts into your skin instantly and provides 8 hours of continuous moisture, keeping your skin plump and radiant until the next morning.

We hope these little tweaks to your skincare routine will help your skin bloom this spring.

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