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Brightening Solution Hydro Glow Face Wash

brightening facial cleanser formulated with a blend of sea minerals, Vitamins C & B3 quickly transforms into a rich lather which lifts away sweat, excess sebum and air pollutants for a radiant look. This special treatment also contains AHA which removes the dead skin cells with a fluffy lather which leaves your skin feeling perfectly clean, moist and reveals a luminous glow.

Quickly transforms into a rich lather

It easily dissolves in water and forms a rich foam because of the incredible cleansing ingredients used. The polymer covers the foam as a moisturising veil that prevents them from breaking and to keep them dense.

Smooth rinsing

The fluffy foam firmly absorbs sebum, dirt and pollutants. It rinses off easily, leaving the surface of skin non-greasy and moisturised.

Refreshing wash leading to a glowing skin

The face wash firmly removes dirt, dullness, dead skin cells, & old keratin that leaves you with a brighter and more radiant skin. The vitamin blend & sea minerals ensure a nice protective veil of moisture.

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