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Brightening Solution Revitalising Night Cream

An overnight cream that instantly melts into your skin to provide 8 hours of continuous moisture that keeps your skin plump and radiant until the next morning. With an instant burst of fresh moisture, it softens and recovers dry, damaged skin while preventing the appearance of dark spots and dullness. It improves the skin damage of the day during the night time and leads to smooth and toned skin. With this, your skin will always have a refreshing glow. 

Moisturising Effect For 8 Hours

It not only nourishes your skin and enhances its natural glow, but also keeps your skin moisturised for 8 long hours making your skin plump and radiant the next morning.

Melting touch

The soft base enriched with emollient oils seeps into the skin and makes the surface of the skin smooth and non-greasy as it contains smoothing ingredients.

Dry damage recovery

Coral grass extract improves dry-damaged skin during the nights. Vitamin B3 and vitamin C prevent blemishes and dullness, and lead to brighter glowing skin.

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