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The Perfect Feel-Good Routine For You And Your Skin

The Perfect Feel-Good Routine For You And Your Skin

October heat is on its way to us. You’ve just had an incredibly long day. Right after reaching home, all you want to do is unwind while listening to soothing, lo-fi music. We feel you. One thing that can surely lift your spirit is skincare. Here is the perfect feel-good daily skincare routine at home:

1. Cleanse thoroughly
No matter how tired you are, you need to let go of the dirt and dust that has settled on your skin throughout the day. Cleansing is a step that should never be skipped. Use a gentle cleanser and slowly massage your skin before washing it off. The Spawake Brightening Solution Hydro Glow Face Wash forms a rich foam that firmly absorbs dirt, sebum, and pollutants and rinses off gently.

2. Relax with sheet masks
When you think of the word ‘relaxation’, what pops into your mind? Most likely, there is a sheet mask in the picture. They’re fun, relaxing, good for skin, and super easy-to-use. Just play your favourite TV show, make your comfort meal and unwind with a sheet mask. Sheet masks are also very helpful in delivering active ingredients to the deeper skin layers. The provides a spa-like experience at home. With its moisture ingredients and emollient oils, it revives your skin’s smoothness in just 10 minutes.

3. Try a face roller
That very cool face roller trend that you’re seeing on reels is actually beneficial for your skin. Using a face roller helps increase blood circulation to face, reduces puffiness & inflammation, and promotes better absorption of skincare ingredients. Pro tip- Try refrigerating the roller prior to application. The cool, refreshing touch of the roller will relax and soothe your skin. If you’re a complete beginner to face rollers, add a rose quartz roller or a jade roller to your daily routine for glowing skin.

4. Layer it with a night cream
Your skin needs overnight hydration to rejuvenate. A night cream repairs & recovers dry, damages skin overnight and makes sure that you wake up with a refreshing glow. The Spawake Brightening Solution Revitalising Night Cream provides eight hours of continuous moisture to skin leading to plump, toned skin the very next morning.

Make sure you do these skincare routine steps consistently for best effects. Don’t forget to stay hydrated (always) and take a break for yourself when things get too overwhelming. Rest assured, your skin will always stay happy once it receives ample love and care.

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