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The TLC your skin deserves after the Holi bash

The TLC your skin deserves after the Holi bash

Growing up, Holi is a fond memory we all treasure and feel nostalgic about. Spewing colours, drinking bhang, and relishing the food makes us feel closer to home.

The immediate fear that sets into us every year before Holi is waking up looking like a colourful Smurf. This year, we at Spawake are on our rescue mission for you with our skincare regime. The damage the colourants could have on our skin could be reduced with Spawake’s beauty line of products. Our Holi skincare tips are here to get you started on your post-Holi celebration.

We crafted our products with rich sea-based ingredients for healthy, glowing skin, so you can have a year of revelry filled with red, blue, green, yellow, and skin that feels mellow! We have our arsenal ready to tackle your skin problems after the Holi bash with our best skincare routine.

Post Holi skin regime:

You need the MCHR magic to help bring your skin back to its natural state without losing out on its essential oils.

● Moisturize - Sunscreens help your skin from being exposed to UV radiation, and applying a good amount of it before you begin the fun and frolic acts as a barrier from direct skin contact. Our sunscreen UV Cut Silky Milk is the sunscreen you need to get your day started.

● Cleanser - Inflammation and irritation on the skin are quite common after Holi. Using a foaming face wash with 1-2 pumps in your palm or an Ayurvedic cleanser clears the deposition, microbes, sweat, and dirt and keeps the suppleness of the skin along with an instant glow. Additionally, using a cloth with oil in it to dab on your face helps in the removal of colour.

● Hydrate - We don’t enjoy a flaky or dry texture on our faces. This is why hydration is pivotal, as the outermost layer of the skin has the moisture it needs to flush away toxins and carry nutrients to the skin's cells. - Using sheet masks and toner aids in retaining moisture and is your go-to option for skin that looks flawless. - One must avoid washing your face with water post Holi, as it leaves your skin feeling dry and the suppleness of your skin gets lost.

● Relax - The larger goal here is to keep the elasticity of your skin without losing out on its moisture. Masks and sheet masks that are moisture intense help the shades fade after being drenched in colour. Pampering your skin with our face mists, serums and foaming face wash rejuvenates your skin from within, bringing back your original glow.

We, at Spawake, wish to help you make the best of the Holi season this year, with zero doubts and hesitations. Ace these Holi skincare tips and give your skin the love and care they deserve in abundance with our versatile range of skincare creations blessed with sea minerals and discover the secrets of the sea.

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