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Whitening Clear Toner

A refreshing non-sticky lightening toner that gently sweeps away impurities from your skin, the Whitening Clear Toner provides a pleasant and cool sensation. By suppressing the production of Melanin, the Toner clears sweat, grease and stickiness that would not get washed away simply. Formulated with active ingredients, it gently and thoroughly removes roughness that accumulates on your skin during the day. Easy to apply, it deeply hydrates and brightens your skin, giving it the most refreshing glow.

Wipes Away Impurities

By suppressing Melanin production, this Toner ensures your skin remains so clear that it has no place for impurities!

A Pleasant and Cool Sensation

Extremely hydrating, this Toner is easy to apply, and it almost instantly provides a cool and refreshing feeling to your skin!

A Refreshing Glow

While it brightens your skin tone, it ensures that every part of your skin is hydrated, moisturised and glowing!

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