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How damaged does your skin get during the winter? Here are a few tips to avoid winter skin!

How damaged does your skin get during the winter? Here are a few tips to avoid winter skin!

Does your skin get rough and dry during the winter? That is because our skin is the most damaged during winter, as the skin starts losing moisture. During colder months like the rainy and winter seasons, our skin experiences dry air, cold weather, harsh winds and rain that can strip the skin from its natural oils and moisture.

Here are a few winter skin care tips to protect your skin barrier this winter, the best moisturizer for dry skin in winter would be Spawake’s Moisturising Cold Cream. This cold cream is made with an enriching formula with abundant moisture, that deeply hydrates and protects your skin from the harsh cold weather and helps relieve dry, rough and chapped skin. It hydrates your skin so generously that your skin feels smooth and healthy on the inside as well as outside.

Another great essential to have this winter is Spawake’s Brightening Solution Revitalising Night Cream. An overnight cream that instantly melts into your skin to provide 8 hours of continuous moisture that keeps your skin plump and radiant till the next morning. It repairs the damage of the day, at the night, and leads to smooth, even-toned skin. The soft base enriched with emollient oils seeps into the skin and makes the surface of the skin smooth and non-greasy.

Additionally, you can also try Spawake’s Brightening Solution Milky Smooth Day Moisturiser. Enriched with sea minerals and select seaweed ingredients, this moisturiser offers a milky texture that defends the skin against environmental stressors during the day keeping your skin hydrated. This day moisturiser is inspired by the Japanese skincare formulas of deep sea ingredients and technology, tailor-made for the Indian skin.

If you are looking for an instant glowy feel along with a boost of moisture, this product recommendation is for you. Try Spawake’s Brightening Solution Instant Radiant Mask, made with brightening actives like Vitamin C & B3, this mask is a soft-textured sheet that fits tightly to the contours of your face.

Don’t deprive your skin of any moisture or hydration, check out these suggestions and keep your skin supple all season long.

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