Here's How You Can Glow Naturally Using The Spawake Brightening Range

Here’s How You Can Glow Naturally Using The Spawake Brightening Range

Here’s How You Can Glow Naturally Using The Spawake Brightening Range

Courtesy of this very hot summer, our only wish is to rise above the dull, dehydrated skin and be reborn with a skin that is glowing, dewy and thoroughly hydrated. Alas, not every wish comes true without working for it. But, we can certainly add some magic into our skincare routine with Spawake’s new Brightening Solution Range- which consists of the Triple Care Serum, the Milky Smooth Day Moisturiser and the Revitalising Night Cream.

The all new advanced Spawake Brightening Solution Range is specially formulated for the Indian skin, with a goal to awaken your inner beauty glow. Here's how you can make the most out of these products and create a skincare routine that gives you bright and glowing skin.

1. Recover dry, damaged skin with Night Cream
Night is the best time to do your skincare routine thoroughly. After the makeup is off and your face is cleansed, the products that you apply get easily absorbed into your skin and stay that way throughout the night. The Spawake Revitalising Night Cream instantly melts into your skin providing 8 hours of continuous moisture. It improves skin damage of the day during night time and gives you a smooth, toned skin. It also prevents the appearance of dark spots and dullness so that you glow from within. It refreshes your skin, as well as your mind.

2. Glow with a triple vitamin blend
Serums have a fast-absorbing formula that quickly seeps into your skin and gives you desired results in a short time. They’re lightweight, extremely moisturising and fun to apply. The Spawake Triple Care Serum is a fresh and brightening gel-serum formulated by a triple vitamin blend of Advanced Brightening Illuminator consisting of brightening actives like Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, & Vitamin E along with Algae Extract. The shiny, non-greasy formula seeps into the inner layers of your skin and evens out your skin tone. You can’t help but feel flawless as you radiate with a lovely glow.

3. Hydrate using Moisturiser
By now, you should know that skincare isn’t truly skincare without a moisturiser, which is essential to lock in everything you’ve applied to your skin. The Spawake Milky Smooth Day Moisturiser has a milky texture that spreads smoothly on your skin and keeps it hydrated. With SPF 25/PA++ it also protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Powered by Vitamin C and B3, this milky moisturiser prevents dark spots and dullness, giving you a brighter, more radiant skin.

The Brightening Solution Range is a trio that you definitely must try and incorporate into your skincare routine. It has the goodness of natural sea ingredients like Kelp and Sea Salt which are soothing to skin. It’s time to bring your shine on, naturally.

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