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Beauty Summer Skincare tips for Indian Skin

Beauty Summer Skincare tips for Indian Skin

Summers in India have a history of being harsh on the skin- be it with acne, rashes, breakouts, or zits turning up unapologetically. Adjusting to today’s new hybrid lifestyle, with that scorching heat caramelising your face inside the mask can be difficult. Lather up, grab your sippers, sunglasses, scarves and sunscreens. It’s time to channel our inner divas.

The heat wave is real, the face masks are sweaty, and your skin needs an immediate rescue. While letting the cool refrigerator air in on your face is an attractive option, indulging in skincare is the only solution.

1. It’s all about hydration
All those water app reminders can truly make your skin magical once you start taking action. A real glow only emanates when your skin is hydrated. While hydration mainly comes from within, using sheet masks and toner aids in retaining moisture, leaving you with a relaxed, rejuvenated skin.

2. Always use a sunscreen
Stepped out for a grocery run and came back with a tan? Too much exposure under the sun triggers the formation of melanin, causing frequent skin tans and pigmentations in summer. A sunscreen with the right SPF can help your skin stay protected and rejuvenated all day. With Laminaria Japonica Extract and Sea Salt, the Spawake UV Cut Silky Milk and UV Protect Aqua Gel block out harmful UV rays, leaving your skin fresh, hydrated and non-sticky.

3. Keep your skin clean
Having a bath twice a day will help you stay fresh and sweat-free while maintaining your body odour. Apart from your usual cleansing routine, wash your face with cool water 3-4 times a day. The Spawake moisture solution facewash is enriched with sea minerals. It washes away the sweat, dirt and oil, while retaining the essential moisture in your skin.

4. Use lightweight make up with SPF
A good daily product that will give your skin light to medium coverage while keeping it protected is a CC cream, which can be your go-to product this summer. The Spawake CC cream comes with SPF 32/PA ++ and a 10 hours moisture lock. It also protects your skin from dust particles and pollutants. If CC isn’t your thing, the BB creams are a good alternative with their lightweight texture and SPF protection.

5. Try ice therapy
Dipping your face in ice water can help reduce skin inflammation and puffiness. Ice therapy, being a natural coolant, has been quite a rage since a while, but it is important to do it only if it suits your skin. Rubbing ice cubes in slow, circular motion on your face thoroughly cleanses it, leaving you with a glowing, exfoliated skin.

Don’t let the sun keep you away from getting the skin of your dreams! Remember to stay hydrated always. A little sun is always good for the body, so make sure that you step out as often as you can, but only at the right time.

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