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Your Ultimate Guide To UV Protection This Summer

Your Ultimate Guide To UV Protection This Summer

We get it, it’s officially too hot to handle. Climate change is real and it’s happening at full speed. While there are initiatives that you can carry out to reduce your carbon footprint, you cannot ignore the dangerous UV radiation that we’re exposed to on a daily basis. These rays can have several long-term effects on your body. A reminder that we should definitely do some self-care for UV protection.

UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that come from the sun. The two main types of UV rays that can affect your skin are UVA and UVB rays. Most of the UV rays are UVA. They penetrate into your skin and damage deeper skin cells, causing aging, tanning and wrinkles. Around five percent of the UV rays are UVB. These rays affect the outermost layer of your skin. They are the main causes of sunburns, blistering and skin cancer.

1. Decide when to step out
UV Rays are extremely strong during the day- between 10 am and 4 pm, being the most intense at noon. Avoid stepping out during these timings, and if you do, remember to stay covered and stick to the shade. The peak UV months are spring and summer. You need to pay extra attention to UV protection for these months.

2. Don’t forget your SPF
You’re mistaken if you think that sunscreen is only required if you’re out in the sun. Even at home, you are exposed to quite some amount of UV during the summers. For this reason, you must keep your skin protected at all times with the best SPF sunscreen. With SPF 50+/PA++++ the Spawake UV Cut Silky Milk provides strong protection against the sun by preventing skin darkening, spots and freckles. If you’re someone who doesn’t step out frequently, and is on the lookout for a sunscreen with medium protection, the Spawake UV Protect Aqua Gel, a SPF 30/PA++ sunscreen, is a better fit.

3. Cover yourself
More clothes = Better protection. Wearing full sleeved clothes that cover your skin can be irritating, but at least your skin won’t get tanned. It’s time to dig out those old hats that you bought ages ago. Anything that prevents your skin from being in direct contact with the sunrays is a plus. An umbrella can be a good option for when you’re exposed to direct sunlight. A scarf can give sun protection for your face while also protecting you from several pollutants.

While it is important to stay protected, the UV rays aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and they certainly shouldn’t stop you from stepping out. Don’t let the sun stop you from having fun. Just drink enough fluids, stay covered, apply a good sunscreen with SPF and you’re ready to tackle the summer!

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