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Why Are Serums Getting the Hype?

Why Are Serums Getting the Hype?

Indian skin problems are a deal of the past. Too dry, too oily, too patchy, too itchy, we have everything!

The best solution in town for all of this is Serums. With a lightweight gel consistency, something that heals your skin from deep within and balances out the extra moisture, is becoming quite the rage among people. It’s a treatment for your skin that is most convenient.

What can serum do to your face? Will it treat your skin from deep within? Will it make your skin glow? Will it reduce the pimples on your face?

The answer is that Face Serums are supposed to be a followed regime in your daily skincare routine. As we all know that every healing process takes time, so when it comes to your skin, you need to focus on how much time are you really giving in order to revive it.

From reducing fine lines, wrinkles and patchiness to protecting, moisturising and hydrating your skin, a serum does it all. Hence, the hype!

You can go from buying a body serum to a hydrating serum for dry, sensitive skin to an under-eye care serum too. Due to its look and feel, people make sure that this product becomes a part of their daily routine because when you apply it on your skin, the feeling is magical.

And when we talk about regime, we should also know how often we should use it? Well, once in the morning and once before you sleep is ideal.

Now, the biggest question is “Where to look for these serums?” and “How to find out which one suits you the best?”

Well, Spawake is just the right place for you! At Spawake, you’ll find that any and every serum uses all the right ingredients to make your skin better than ever before.

Here are a few that you can consider and fit in your daily routine to get that radiant appearance as per your needs -

Whitening Triple Care Serum - A fresh and lightweight gel serum formulated with Advanced Brightening Complex, the Whitening Triple Care Serum consists of brightening actives like Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 along with Algae Extract that combat melanin generation and accumulation that cause dark spots and skin darkening. With this, you can say goodbye to all the dullness and hello to a skin that stays forever bright, fresh and smooth!

Pimple Solution Purifying Serum – Formulated with Advanced Purifying Complex and consisting of sea minerals, Salicylic acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and oil control particles, it targets skin that is prone to blemishes. The Pimple Solution Purifying Serum is non-clogging to pores, non-greasy and light in texture. Its fast-absorbing formula delivers soothing hydration and refines rough and dry skin. This perfect pimple remedy is the purest of cures to all your pimple problems!

Age Solution Intensive Serum - This is a must have product in your beauty kit for a more mature face as it makes your skin feel nourished and radiant. Formulated with Advanced Rejuvenating Complex that blends high concentration of Astaxanthin with Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract and Vitamin E, this fast-absorbing Age Solution Intensive Serum combats ageing from deep inside and delivers visible results in no time. In just 4 weeks, your skin will feel more rejuvenated with visible improvement in fine lines!

So, are Serums really worth the hype? Of course, there are! With all this hype, you have your one stop shop where you can pick a Serum that is best suited for you and your skin.

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