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Tips to retain your skin’s moisture during winter

Tips to retain your skin’s moisture during winter

With a significant difference in temperature indoors and outdoors, the dry air and all the steaming hot showers, our skin tends to lose moisture and look a little out of shape during winters.

Here are a few tips for keeping our skin in fine fettle during this harsh cold season.

1. Modifying the skincare routine
Your skincare routine is not only relevant to your skin type, but also the season. The weather conditions keep altering every season and different weather conditions affect our skin differently. Like in winter, due to the dry air and low temperature, our skin loses moisture more easily than in summer or monsoon. Therefore, it is essential to use relatively moisture-rich products that will compensate for the moisture loss. For example, the Spawake Moisturising range comes with a moisture-rich Moisture Solution Face Wash, Moisturising 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, Moisturising Deep Purity Mask and Moisturising Cold Cream that is deeply hydrating, replenishes the loss in moisture and is suitable for all skin types.

2. Switching to a Cold Cream
Cold Creams are made with an enriching formula that is supposed to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised while it is facing the consequences of the harsh cold weather. So, as per your skin type, you should choose a cold cream that will moisturise your skin without leaving it sticky and oily. Like the Spawake Moisturising Cold Cream works great with all skin types to protect your skin during winters and give it the moisturization that it needs.

3. Controlling the temperature
Be it the temperature of the water you take shower in or the temperature of your room heater, it is always advisable to keep the temperature warm and not burning hot. Not only does it make your skin dry, but can also burn your skin. So, even during winters, a humidifier can be used if the room heater is set at a comparatively higher temperature. Similarly, if the temperature of the water is lukewarm instead of steaming hot then it will be better for the skin.

4. Moisturising frequently
4. Depending on the weather, your skin can lose moisture more speedily on some days than others. Therefore, it is not mandatory to use a moisturiser only during your skincare routine. Whenever the skin feels tight it should be immediately moisturised, especially after it’s been washed. Products like the Spawake Moisturising Cold Cream are ideal for such situations because it is deeply moisturising and lightweight and non-sticky at the same time, so it will keep your skin soft and smooth without making it too oily.

5. Use a face mask
Some face masks are good for removing oil and dirt from the skin, some are great for giving you glowing skin and some are great at providing an instant moisture boost to your skin like the Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Mask. The third type is a must-have during winters. Treating your face with a face mask two-three times a week will ensure that your skin does not crave moisture and get chapped and dry even at extremely low temperatures.

Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry about your skin getting dry and rough during winter. Taking necessary precautions, adapting your regime to the weather and using the right products will make the winters happy for you and your skin.

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