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Tips and Tricks for Travelling in the Current Times

Tips and Tricks for Travelling in the Current Times

Travel necessities to make your skin glow throughout your vacation

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many lives in different ways. We all had to stay locked in our homes for months. We could not go out, meet friends or visit family. All we did was imagine doing all those things that we would do if the Coronavirus had not struck us.

Whether it was celebrating birthdays on video calls, cooking 5-star worthy meals at home or visiting our favourite holiday destinations in our dreams, we all figured out unique ways to live our lives in the best way possible.

Now that things have become easier and some of the restrictions have been lifted, everyone seems to be escaping their everyday life and travelling to the most beautiful destinations.

While we seem to be taking all the safety precautions to keep ourselves guarded from the Virus, are we also keeping our skin safe and healthy?

Due to prolonged use of masks, facial pimple can occur. Add to that constant washing of your face which can make your skin rough and dry. And if you do not apply the right moisturiser and sunscreen, the damage caused to your skin can be severe.

Well, Spawake is here with the most rejuvenating skincare tips and tricks. Full of a variety of skincare products, Spawake ensures that you and your skin enjoy every bit of your vacation.

Firstly, keep things as similar to your usual skincare routine as possible. Your skin is used to a regular pattern of care and if you change that during your holiday, then you will have to face the brunt of this change on your skin. So, consistency in routine is a must.

Secondly, make sure that you’re using the correct face wash or cleanser to wash your face. Yes, you are moving out and about and you need to ensure you rid your face off the germs just like you do with your hands, but this will only work if you use a face wash that is best for your skin type. The Spawake Face Wash range can satisfy all your skin’s needs. From Moisture Solution Face Wash and Moisturising 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser to White Solution Double Scrub Face Wash and Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash, your skin will not only be germ-free but it will also feel rejuvenated and healthy.

Thirdly, provide your skin that extra care with a Spawake Serum. With the constant usage of a mask, your skin has less air to breathe. The Pimple Solution Purifying Serum can help prevent pimples that occur due to the type of mask you wear, and the Triple Care Serum adds that extra glow and nourishment to your skin so that not even a mask can dull your complexion.

Lastly, make sure you look your best and have fun without any worry. Whether you’re vacationing in a tropical destination or in a cold one, protect your skin with the UV Cut Silky Milk or UV Protect Aqua Gel that make sure you are safe from any sun damage. And since you are roaming around and having the best time ever, you can add that extra layer of protection and flawlessness with the SPF based Spawake BB Cream and CC Cream as per your skin tone.

So, travel all that you want but make sure your skin is as protected as you are during these times. With Spawake, you and your skin have every reason to feel safe, healthy and happy.

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