Reasons To Add Serums To Your Skincare Routine

Three Reasons To Add Serums To Your Skincare Routine

Three Reasons To Add Serums To Your Skincare Routine

If you’re somewhat new to the skincare universe, finding the right routine for yourself can be as confusing as getting into the Star wars fandom. Everything looks tempting enough to try, but not right enough to stick to. We like to believe ‘less is more’ and yet that shopping cart always ends up getting full. When it comes to skincare, the right fit for you is what your skin truly feels comfortable in. Today, we’re going to focus on the perfect skinvestment for you this summer - serums.

Serums can be gel-based, clear, or liquid. They are easily applied with a dropper, and seep into your skin almost immediately. The perfect time to apply a serum is after cleansing and before moisturising. Spawake’s latest launch in our Brightening Solution Range is the Triple Care Serum- a fresh and brightening gel-serum formulated with natural ingredients.

Here are some benefits of using a face serum:

1. Protects your skin
The Spawake Brightening Solution Triple Care Serum comes with a triple vitamin blend- Vitamin C, B3 & E along with Algae Extracts, which protect your skin against the damaging effects of UV radiation. It adds a layer to your skin, eventually preventing dark spots and dullness due to pollution. With exotic sea minerals such as Kelp & Sea Salt, it also revitalises and moisturises the skin.

2. Lightweight with fast absorption
A perfect fit for summers, serums have a thin texture that quickly absorbs into your skin as soon as it’s applied. It is so lightweight that you cannot feel a thing. If you want a formula that moisturises your skin without being too heavy or sticky, serums are your go-to skincare charm. They have highly concentrated active molecules, a single drop of which can quickly deliver molecules to your skin, giving you instant results.

3. Clears and prevents pimples
Some serums are specially formulated for acne-prone skin. The Spawake Pimple Solution Purifying Serum consists of sea minerals, Salicylic acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and oil control particles that targets skin that is prone to blemishes. It also refines rough and dry skin.

4. Moisturises and brightens your skin
Serums are great for dry skin, as it soothes your skin and moisturises it thoroughly. The Spawake Whitening Serum comes with moisturising ingredients like Laminaria Japonica Extract and Algae Extract along with whitening actives like Vitamin C and B3 that seep into and brighten the deeper layers of skin, leaving a smooth, shiny, non-greasy finish to it. Serums also help with fine lines and wrinkles. The Spawake Age Solution Intensive Serum shows visible improvement in fine lines and makes your skin appear firmer in 4 weeks.

For best effects, you must always seal the serum using a moisturiser. The Spawake Brightening Solution Milky Smooth Day Moisturiser spreads freshly over your skin like a milky lotion. Armed with SPF 25/PA++, it also protects your skin against UV rays.

On a brighter note, serums can be really fun to use once you get used to them. Make sure you only use a serum that suits your skin. If it is sticky and causes itching to your skin, skip it immediately. On a thoroughly cleansed skin, use the right amount of serum and layer it with a moisturiser. The result will be rejuvenated skin that glows from within!

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