Three Naturally Occurring Ingredients That Give You A Vibrant Glow

Three Naturally Occurring Ingredients That Give You A Vibrant Glow

Three Naturally Occurring Ingredients That Give You A Vibrant Glow

Every once in a while comes an urge to shut your laptop, pack your bags, get a cottage near the shore, go for long swims and not tell a soul. We all feel a need to stay connected with nature to truly feel alive. The same has influenced our buying patterns in skincare, with our mind always inclining towards everything natural. And why shouldn’t it? The benefits that natural ingredients have on your skin are cell-deep and long-lasting.

The Spawake Ayurveda Range enables you to get glowing skin naturally. It has three naturally occurring sea-based ingredients which, when combined with a beautiful formula, leave your skin feeling smooth and shiny. Let’s find out more about these ingredients:

1. Laminaria Japonica Extract
Laminaria Japonica Extract or Kelp is a form of seaweed - brown kelp, of the highest quality. It is extracted from the northernmost island of Japan. Kelp is often considered as the ‘secret of health’ amongst the Japanese. It is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. When incorporated into skincare, Kelp removes excess oil and acne, prevents dark spots and pigmentations, leading to smooth, detoxified skin that glows naturally.

2. Sea salt
Also known as Samudra Lavana or Maris Sal, sea salt has excellent anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects on skin. It also helps to unclog pores, detoxify and exfoliate skin naturally. Enriched with sea salt, the Spawake Ayurveda Rejuvenating Face Cleanser lathers into a luxurious foam that cleanses away excess oil, impurities, dust and air pollutants. With a formula so conditioning and rejuvenating, it will leave your skin feeling healthy and vibrant.

3. Kappaphycus Alvarezil Extract
Known as Jalamustum in Sanskrit, this is a species of red algae harvested in the coast of Christmas Island in Kiribati. The extract from this algae has a moisturizing and smoothing effect, along with anti-ageing properties. It refreshes skin and improves its natural beauty ability. Formulated on the basis of ancient ayurvedic principles, The Spawake Ayurveda Rejuvenating Day Cream evenly tones skin and replenishes it from deep within, to give you a younger-looking glow.

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