Facts You Didn’t Know About The Brightening Solution Triple Care Serum

Three Facts You Didn’t Know About The Brightening Solution Triple Care Serum

Three Facts You Didn’t Know About The Brightening Solution Triple Care Serum

Complete with a face wash, serum, day moisturiser and night cream, the Spawake Brightening Solution Range is a power-packed skincare range to help you nourish your inner glow. It is specially formulated for Indian skin by Kose laboratories under the trademark of Kose Corporation, Japan. Chances are, you still haven’t got your hands on the showstopper of this range yet. Here are three facts about the Triple Care Serum that will surely convince you to try out the glow!

1. It’s extremely rich in vitamins
What’s better than two vitamins? Three! The best serum for skin brightening, the all new advanced Spawake Triple Care Serum consists of an Advanced Brightening Illuminator- with the blend of Vit B3, C, and E. The combination of these vitamins evens skin tone, prevents dark spots and dullness and protects against the damaging effects of UV radiation. Rest assured, your skin will receive ample nourishment and care.

2. It has exotic sea minerals
When it comes to enhancing your glow, what’s better than natural, sea-based ingredients? The Brightening Solution Triple Care Serum is a face brightening serum packed with sea minerals. Laminaria Japonica Extract (Kelp), which is one of the key ingredients, is filled with vitamins and minerals. It deeply hydrates skin and gives it a natural glow. Sea salt has excellent anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects on skin. It also acts as a natural exfoliant.

3. It has a gel-based texture
With a texture that’s rarely found in serums, the Triple Care Serum spreads smoothly over your skin and embraces it with a nourishing layer of moisture. It seeps into the skin’s inner layers and achieves maximum absorption. The smooth, non-greasy and non-sticky consistency ensures that your skin stays moisturised.

Use the Brightening Solution Range wisely and it’ll be your lifelong skincare buddy. Inspired by the J-Beauty routine, you can find your every skincare need fulfilled by the products in this range. Sticking to common ingredients and keeping a constant routine can help to boost the effectiveness of these products, so we suggest you try out the entire range for maximum benefits.

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