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Three Benefits Of Using A Toner

Three Benefits Of Using A Toner

Toners. We’ve all heard about them, yet every time, their purpose sounds just as mysterious as before. Is it really necessary to add a toner to your skincare routine? How beneficial is a toner? When should you use a toner? We’ll answer all these questions as honestly as possible. The second step in any skincare routine, a toner must be applied right after cleansing, with a skin which is still a little damp. Here are three benefits of using a toner which will convince you to add them to your routine right away:

1. It removes any additional impurities
Many times, cleansers are unable to deeply wash off all the impurities and residues from your skin. A toner comes handy in removing every trace of dirt, dust, and impurities from your skin. It thoroughly removes the roughness and impurities which settle on your skin throughout the day by refining skin texture. Toners also gently exfoliate and remove excess oil to give you a repaired skin barrier.

2. It tightens pores
Applying a toner right after cleansing keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. It blends easily into skin to tighten skin cells. The Spawake Pore Treatment Toner is a refreshing, astringent toner that tightens skin and refines the appearance of pores. Enriched with alum, which naturally tightens skin, prevents stickiness caused by sweat and helps your makeup to last longer.

3. It helps with smooth application
Imagine running on a track which has no blockages to stop you. A track so smooth that you enjoy running without any interruptions. A toner evens your skin’s texture and turns it into a smooth running track for all the following products. It balances the pH level of your skin and makes it a smooth canvas for product application. Combining a toner with a hydrating serum is the best solution for dry skin.

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