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The Routine That We Should Have Followed When We Were Younger

The Routine That We Should Have Followed When We Were Younger

Skincare can be difficult to navigate when you’re venturing into it, late in your life. There will be a lot of things you don’t know about. Feeling intimidated to even start a routine is very common. There are so many words being thrown around—active ingredients, hyaluronic acid, retinol and more. You may start a routine with great dedication only to quit the minute things go bad or when you don’t get the desired results. But consistency is key, and so is following the right skincare routine as early as possible.

But finding the right routine in your teens is an added difficulty given the amount of misinformation on the internet. With proper guidance, one can avoid permanent damage and start their journey towards healthy skin. Most people experience pimple breakouts in their teens and adolescence, but pimples aren’t the only skin concern teens can have. What one needs is a balanced routine that tackles all your skincare problems. Dehydration, dullness, excess oil, dry, flaky skin, dark spots, enlarged pores and more can plague you in your early years.

Which is why we’ve devised the perfect routine to start you off on your healthy skincare journey as early as possible.

1. Cleanse Use a gentle cleanser, one that suits your skin. Narrow down your skin concerns and pick a cleanser that tackles them. Spawake has a range of cleansers. The Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash works towards combating pimples while the Moisture Solution Face Wash and the Moisturising 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser is hydrating and moisturising.

2. Tone

3. Treat

4. Moisturise

5. SPF

So, go on, start a routine and stick to it. You can thank us later!

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