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The Goodness Of The Sea At Spawake

The Goodness Of The Sea At Spawake

We’ve all heard the popular saying “You are what you eat”. In the case of skincare, aficionados tweak that saying a tad bit: “Your skin is only as good as the ingredients you put on it.”

Spawake’s products are packed with sea-based ingredients that will bring you a step closer to glowing, healthy skin. Benefits of eating seaweed are one of the best kept beauty secrets that have been known for centuries in Japan. These kinds of secrets are what make Spawake what it is.

Formulated with sea-sourced active ingredients and developed under advanced Japanese technology, Spawake blends the purest of sea minerals with active ingredients, providing effective and replenishing skincare solutions to awaken your inner glow.

Laminaria Japonica Extract – Refreshes and revitalises

A brown kelp, known as Shaivala in Sanskrit, Laminaria Japonica Extract has been a staple in Japanese households for centuries. Packed with vitamins, dietary fibres, and minerals, Spawake makes sure to use this purest form of kelp that offers intense hydration and leaves your skin rejuvenated. Plus, it eliminates toxins from the skin and gives it a healthy tone.

Maris Sal – Has anti-inflammatory functions

The other magic ingredient in Spawake products is Maris Sal or Sea Salt. Believe it or not but Sea Salt has been used in skincare ingredients for eons because of its anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects on skin. And there’s also the fact that it unclogs pores and is packed with amazing minerals that give you that glow-from-within.

Algae Extract – Protects from UV damage

There are different types of Algae Extract that have different benefits on the skin. Spawake makes sure to use a mix of them. An algae extract drawn from Alaria Esculenta not only protects the skin from UV rays but also helps to promote skin health and appearance. Laminaria Digitata Extract has the ability to inhibit sebum secretion, conditioning the skin. Also known as Jalamustum in Sanskrit, Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract has moisturising and rejuvenating effects. For better circulation, Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract brings out the vibrancy in the skin.

Astaxanthin – Intensely prevents wrinkles and fine lines

A powerful anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin suppresses active oxygen and prevents ageing of your skin. It is an active ingredient that prevents wrinkles and sagging, and provides a youthful glow. Not only this, it also helps keep moisture loss at bay, making your skin smoother than before.

Mineral Clays – Revitalises and unclogs pores

While Tanakura Clay is rich in minerals that absorb excess sebum, pollutants and dirt, Kaolin Clay is powdered clay with a smooth texture that ensures the skin remains fresh, healthy and smooth.

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Enriched with the goodness of deep-sea ingredients, Spawake helps you awaken your sea spa beauty at home. Originated in Japan, a country surrounded by the sea, Spawake longs to share this essence of the sea through its refreshing skincare products with you so that your skin can feel flawless all the time.