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Tackle Oily Skin The Easy Way!

Tackle Oily Skin The Easy Way!

Our skin produces natural oils to stay healthy. But sometimes, our oil glands overproduce the oil, making skin shiny and greasy. Now, if you’re dealing with this then you probably have oily skin. And, let’s be honest, oily skin can be a nightmare to deal with. Especially now—when wearing masks is the new normal—many people are finding that the skin around the cheeks, chin, and nose is getting oily.

But tackling oily skin isn’t an impossible task. It just needs a little more care. And if you aren’t giving your oily skin that extra TLC, then be ready to battle with skin problems like breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads.

So, how do you protect, and deal, with your oily skin?

The best way to deal with oily skin is to find skincare that works, and follow it religiously. Here is a skincare routine with some of Spawake's hero products that’ll help you combat oily skin.

1. Deep cleansing your skin The excess oil can be frustrating to manage. Wiping your face with a tissue seems to be all that you are doing all day. But you can tackle excess oil without stripping your skin off its natural oils that keep it soft and supple. That’s why managing oily skin is key. For this, we suggest you try the White Solution Double Scrub Face Wash. This face wash is a blend of two natural scrubs that effectively clean your skin without damaging it. So you’re left with squeaky clean skin and a luminous glow. As for those who are dealing with pimples caused by oily skin, try out the Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash. It not only cleanses pores by removing excess sebum but also helps prevent pimples.

2. Never forget moisturiser Oily or not moisturiser is usually the last step in your skincare routine. It’s a common myth that oily skin doesn't need moisturising because the truth is that you should never skip out on hydrating and nourishing your skin. For oily skin, heavy and thick moisturisers may make conditions worse but a gel cream is a miracle product. Get your hands on the Whitening Ultra Fresh Gel Cream from Spawake, it’s gel consistency and feather-like light formula hydrates your skin leaving it feeling fresh and non-sticky.

3. Extra care with serum You might know that oily skin is more prone to pimples. So, it’s necessary to not only get rid of pimples but also prevent them. Spawake’s Pimple Solution Purifying Serum will take care of that for you. This perfect pimple remedy is the magic potion you’ve been looking for; it tackles those pimple problems once and for all.

4. Clay to keep oil at bay! Using a clay pack twice a week will help you tackle that excess oil and keep your skin soft and supple. Try the Spawake Pimple Solution Charcoal Clay Pack that will clear your pores from deep within, leaving your skin purified and smooth. It will also give you that shine-free, smooth canvas that’s perfect for a good make-up look.

5. Mask up! Using a sheet mask is another way to give your oily skin some extra love. While sheet masks provide a lot of benefits to your skin, they also help with some relaxation. Spawake’s White Solution Instant Glow Spa Sheet Mask will refresh and comfort your skin thoroughly and also give it a luminous glow. For those facing pimple problems, the Pimple Solution Intense Purifying Mask is here for you. It will instantly unveil a clearer, smoother, and more luminous complexion.

And that’s all it takes. A five-step routine that takes your skin from oily and sticky to smooth and flawless!

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