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Reasons to invest in CC Creams

Reasons to invest in CC Creams

Foundation is old news! If you are hunting for a daily use product that will give a light to medium coverage while keeping your skin moisturized, then it’s time for you to invest in a CC Cream. Instead of debating on which one is perfect for you, let’s understand what their individual purposes are-

Well, the elementary purpose of both a foundation and a CC Cream is to get a smooth, flawless complexion. However, foundations usually come in a higher range of shades, while CC Cream comes in fewer shades, but each shade works great for the range of all complexions that fall under a certain shade type. Foundations usually give a heavier look. CCs Creams gives a more natural, lightweight finish, hence, can also be used as a base when someone is opting for a heavier look.

Nonetheless, CC Creams are more evolved than foundations for most cases because it not only takes care of your look, but also of your skin. Even though traditional foundations have evolved, there’s still a lingering fear of ruining your skin if used daily. In such a case, CC Creams are a perfect substitute.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Flawless matt finishs
CC Creams have a lightweight and silky texture that provide a flawless matt finish. It smoothens out your complexion and leaves you with a finish that is neither cakey nor dull. The subtle yet flawless finish makes it ideal for using it daily and on all occasions.  

2. Moisture protection
Losing moisture can ruin the health of your skin, therefore it is essential to choose products that keep the moisture intact. Certain makeup products make your skin drier or even more oily. CC Creams like the Spawake CC Cream provides the right amount of moisture protection for 10 hours long and also contains an oil-absorbing powder, so your skin never dries out or gets too oily under the layers of makeup products.

3. Corrects skin tone
Having uneven skin tone is absolutely normal. However, when we get ready to step out of the house daily, we also like to tidy up our faces without looking too unnatural. CC Cream serves exactly this need. It corrects any imperfections, dullness and uneven skin while giving you a natural and lightweight finish. What matters is choosing the right shade that matches your skin tone, like the Spawake CC Cream comes in three shades that perfectly match all Indian skin tones.

4. SPF Protection
Yes, you read that right! CC Creams do come with SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Like the Spawake CC Cream comes with SPF 32/PA++. So, when you use a CC Cream, sunscreen is not needed separately. You can just apply it after your skincare is done and be ready to step out of the house.

5. Protection from pollution and dirt
While going to the office, college, market, etc. our skin is exposed to polluted air which harms us internally and harms the skin to a great extent as well. So, our skin needs products that will protect skin from such damage. Some CC Creams like the Spawake CC Cream also provides your skin with this additional protection from pollutants and dust particles keeping it safe and healthy.

Thus, CC Cream is an all-in-one product that will give you the flawless look without causing any discomfort to your skin. It takes care of correcting your skin tone, gives you a flawless finish, keeps your skin moisturised, protects you from UV rays, pollutants, and dust, and gives you the natural radiant look you’ve been dreaming of!

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