Prep for monsoon escapes: Your skincare must-haves for rainy season getaways

Prep for monsoon escapes: Your skincare must-haves for rainy season getaways

Prep for monsoon escapes: Your skincare must-haves for rainy season getaways

There's something so magical about the sound of raindrops tapping against the window and the cool breeze that follows. It's the perfect time to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a getaway. And guess what? Your skin deserves a break too! Welcome to Spawake's guide to skincare essentials for your rainy season adventures.

Rainy Season getaways in India: Where to find bliss
Before we dive into the world of skincare, let's talk about destinations. India has some incredible spots to explore during the monsoon. From the lush greenery of Kerala to the misty hills of Himachal Pradesh, here are a few top picks for your rainy season escapades:

1. Munnar, Kerala:With its tea plantations and fog-covered hills, Munnar is a dreamy escape during the monsoon.

2. Coorg, Karnataka: This coffee haven comes alive with gushing waterfalls and vibrant landscapes.

3. Lonavala, Maharashtra: Foggy valleys, charming lakes, and lush landscapes make Lonavala a monsoon must-visit.

4. Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya:Known as one of the wettest places on Earth, Cherrapunjee's rain-soaked beauty is a sight to behold.

All these places are bound to give you endless adventures but also might be accompanied with rainy season skin care woes. But worry not, we’ve got a solution for that. Before we delve into it, let’s discuss what are the possible skin care concerns you may face on your rainy season adventures.

Rainy season skin care concerns: Pimple woes and sun worries

Let's chat about rainy season skin care. The rainy season brings its own set of challenges for our skin. Humidity levels rise, and the dampness can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. That's where Spawake's Pimple Solution Range steps in. When packing your bags, don't forget to toss in our Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash. This pimple face wash is a gentle cleanse for your skin, bidding adieu to dirt and excess oil. But, like excess oil is bad for your skin, the lack of skin’s essential oils also does damage to the skin. So to restore the moisture after cleansing, use Spawake’s All in One Moist Soothing Gel. It gives you the care of 5 in 1, making it the perfect travel companion. It refreshes, protects, moisturises, brightens and relaxes your skin, all the while saving space in your carry-on bag. 

But hold on, the rainy season doesn't mean the sun takes a break. UV rays can still sneak through those clouds and affect your skin. That's why a good sunscreen is non-negotiable, regardless of your skin type. Our UV Range has got you covered with a range of sunscreens for all skin types. Our UV Cut Silky Milk Sunscreen with SPF 50+/PA++++ provides strong protection for when you are outdoors and our UV Protect Aqua Gel sunscreen with SPF 30/PA++ is ideal for days when you’re indoors as its light gel-like texture makes you feel fresh and not heavy on the skin.

Easy skincare routine for rainy getaways

We get it – while you're off exploring new destinations, maintaining even a basic skin care routine might feel like a daunting task. But fret not, we're here to make it easy-peasy. Here's a basic rainy season skin care routine that won't take up too much of your vacation time:

Cleanse: Start your day with a clean slate. Use the Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash to wash away impurities and start your day feeling fresh.

Hydrate: Humidity can trick you into thinking your skin doesn't need hydration. But it does! Follow up with a lightweight moisturiser like the All in One Moist Soothing Gel.

Sunscreen: Before you head out for your adventures, apply a generous layer of our non-greasy sunscreen. It's your shield against those sneaky UV rays. You may choose any sunscreen out of Spawake’s UV Range. They’re suitable for all skin types.

Touch-Up: If you've been out and about for a while, carry some blotting sheets to dab away excess oil. Follow up with a quick spritz of a hydrating mist or toner. Spawake’s Pore Treatment Toner gives you a cool, refreshing and pleasant feel while tightening your pores and leaving you with smooth, even and glowing skin.

Touch-Up: When you're back from your day's adventures, give your skin a little night time love. Cleanse, moisturise, and if you feel like it, indulge in a face mask for some extra pampering. The All in One Moist Soothing Gel also doubles as a nighttime face mask, just apply a thicker layer over your skin and you’ll wake up with brighter, refreshed and softer skin. Apart from this, it also acts as a toner, serum and a night cream, giving you multiple benefits in one.

The importance of sunscreen - rain or shine
Speaking of sunscreen, let's address the elephant in the room – why is it so darn important? Rain or shine, UV rays are always at play, and prolonged exposure can lead to premature ageing and even skin damage. So, if you thought sunscreen was just for sunny days, think again. Our UV Range offers sun protection that’s lightweight. These are non greasy sunscreens that won't leave your skin feeling heavy.

There you have it, your rainy season skincare guide tailored to your wanderlust-filled getaways. From exploring misty hills to dancing in the rain, your skin deserves to enjoy the journey just as much as you do. So, when you're packing your bags, make sure to include Spawake's Pimple Solution Range and UV Range to keep your skin happy and healthy. And remember, even in the midst of monsoon magic, skincare is your trusted sidekick so do your basic skin care routine every day without fail.

Now, go on and embrace the rains with a radiant smile and glowing skin! Happy travels, beauty enthusiasts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you take care of your skin during monsoon?

During monsoon, cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser to remove excess humidity and dirt. Use a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser to maintain hydration without clogging pores. Apply sunscreen to protect from rain-induced UV rays. Stay hydrated and consume water-rich foods for healthy skin.

2. How can I make my skin glow in monsoon?

To attain a monsoon glow, maintain hydration with ample water intake. Opt for a lightweight, hydrating moisturiser. and use a brightening face mask once a week. You can use the All in One Moist Soothing Gel for both these purposes, to use as a face mask, make sure to apply a thicker layer and keep it overnight. Incorporate vitamin C-rich foods into your diet for natural radiance. Keep your skin clean and well-nourished.

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