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Last-minute party invites? These essentials will have your back for any quick party look

Last-minute party invites? These essentials will have your back for any quick party look

Did you get a last-minute invite to a party? Or in a pinch and need to get ready with minimal time and effort? Worry not, there’s still hope! With just a few makeup hacks, you can pull off a stunning party look in no time.

While you are getting ready or looking for the perfect outfit to rock at the party, give this Brightening Solution Instant Radiant Mask by Spawake a try. Within 10 minutes you can get that immediate radiance your looks deserve. It deeply infuses the skin with moisturising and brightening actives that significantly reduces dark spots and dullness. It is the right base before you start applying your makeup as it leaves your skin hydrated and smooth.

Once your skin is hydrated it's time to give it the necessary vitamins to help prep your skin for the night. Spawake’s Brightening Solution Triple Care Serum is a fresh and brightening gel serum formulated with a triple vitamin blend of brightening actives like Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, & Vitamin E. The advanced illuminators even out your skin tone making you feel flawless. This formula spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly. The moisturising ingredients go into the deeper layers of the skin leaving the surface of the skin smooth, shiny, & non-greasy.

Now onto the party makeup look, start with a simple BB cream with a lighter texture. Try Spawake’s Moisture Glow BB cream for this effect. This BB cream is made with select sea ingredients like sea salt, algae extract and more. It gives an instant boost of fresh moisture that spreads evenly and naturally. A perfect base layer for your favourite lipstick and eyeliner combo. Even though this moisture BB cream is a great on-the-go makeup essential it doesn’t wear off that instantly. With a 10-hour moisture lock feature, your instant makeup looks can last longer than the party!

Lastly, lock all this hydration and glow with Spawake’s Perfect Makeup Keep Mist. This mist will lock your looks for 12 hours straight with a lightweight finish. It will protect your skin from dust, pollution and other impurities, making you look fresh all night.

All of these products are bound to turn your home-looks into a party look within minutes. Now you can be the boss of any last-minute party looks every day.

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