How to take care of oily skin in monsoon: Tips from Spawake - Spawake

How to take care of oily skin in monsoon: Tips from Spawake

How to take care of oily skin in monsoon: Tips from Spawake

Monsoon season can be particularly challenging for those with oily skin. The increased humidity can lead to more oil production and breakouts. But don’t worry! Here are some effective monsoon skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing, brought to you by Spawake.

Understanding oily skin

Before diving into the tips, it’s important to understand why your skin gets oily, especially during the monsoon season. Oily skin is characterised by an overproduction of sebum, the skin’s natural oil, which can lead to a shiny appearance and an increased likelihood of acne and blackheads.

Causes of oily skin

  1. Genetics: Some people are simply predisposed to having oilier skin due to their genetic makeup.
  2. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal fluctuations, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation, can increase sebum production.
  3. Diet and Lifestyle: High-fat diets, stress, and certain lifestyle choices can also contribute to oily skin.
  4. Weather Conditions: Humid weather, like the monsoon season, can exacerbate oily skin as it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Monsoon skin care tips

1. Cleanse regularly

Proper cleansing is the cornerstone of skin care for oily skin. During the monsoon, it’s crucial to cleanse your face twice daily to remove excess oil and impurities. Using a face wash for oily skin can make a significant difference.

Spawake’s Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash is designed to deeply cleanse your skin without stripping it of essential moisture, making it the perfect face wash for pimple prone skin. It helps in preventing pimples and keeps your skin fresh and clear. The gentle yet effective formula removes dirt, and excess oil, and prevents pimples, making it ideal for monsoon skin care.

2. Use a lightweight moisturiser

Even oily skin needs hydration. Skipping moisturiser can lead to your skin producing even more oil to compensate for the dryness. The key is to choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser that won’t clog your pores.

Our All-in-One Moist Soothing Gel not only moisturises your skin without making it greasy but also gives it the Care of 5 in 1. It’s perfect for maintaining the moisture balance of your skin during the humid monsoon season. It is absorbed quickly, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated without the heavy, greasy feeling.

3. Dab the oil away

To manage the excess shine that comes with oily skin, especially during the monsoon season, use products that help control oil. Mattifying primers or setting powders can help keep your skin looking fresh and less shiny throughout the day. Additionally, you can also use blotting paper or tissue paper to dab the oil away and keep your skin feeling fresh.

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is key to keeping your skin healthy from the inside out. Hydration helps in maintaining your skin’s natural balance and can reduce the amount of oil your skin produces. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Additional Hydration Tips:

  1. Eat water-rich foods: Incorporate fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelons, and oranges into your diet.
  2. Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol: These can dehydrate your skin, leading to increased oil production.

5. Watch your diet

Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can help manage oil production. Avoid oily and sugary foods that can trigger breakouts. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and walnuts, can also help maintain healthy skin.

Dietary Recommendations:

Incorporate more greens: Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens are excellent for your skin.

Opt for whole grains: Instead of refined carbs, choose whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.

Include probiotics: Yogurt and other probiotic-rich foods can help maintain a healthy gut, which in turn, can benefit your skin.

Skin care routine for oily skin in monsoon

Here’s a simple daily routine you can follow to keep your oily skin in check during the monsoon:

Morning Routine

  1. Cleanse with Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash.
  2. Moisturise with All in One Moist Soothing Gel. This lightweight gel hydrates your skin without making it greasy.
  3. Apply sunscreen suitable for oily skin. Even on cloudy days, UV rays can damage your skin, so don’t skip this step.

Night Routine

  1. Cleanse with Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash. Cleansing at night ensures you remove all the dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day.
  2. Moisturise with All in One Moist Soothing Gel. Nighttime is when your skin repairs itself, so ensure it is well-hydrated.


Taking care of oily skin during the monsoon doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right products and routine, you can keep your skin looking fresh and healthy all season long. Follow these monsoon skin care tips and incorporate Spawake’s Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash and All in One Moist Soothing Gel into your daily regimen for best results. Stay beautiful, stay confident!

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