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Here’s How You Can Get A Long-Lasting Festive Look

Here’s How You Can Get A Long-Lasting Festive Look

Festive season is here and we cannot wait to flaunt those insta-worthy lehengas with the no-makeup-makeup looks again. It’s when you laugh, cry (happy tears, of course), dance, and eat your heart out. Festivals are also when your makeup wears off mid-day, leading to frequent touch-ups, uncomfortable washroom encounters, and a dozen makeup items overflowing in your tiny clutch.

Wondering how you can make your festive look last longer? We have the perfect tips for long lasting makeup:

1. Ace your prep
A strong look begins with a stronger prep. If your skin isn’t thoroughly prepped, the makeup won’t last for long. A toner helps to close your pores and smoothen skin. A serum evens skin tone and adds active ingredients to skin. Suitable to all skin types, Spawake’s unique range of serums are fast-absorbing and nourishing. With sea minerals and active ingredients, they seep down to the deepest layer of skin and condition it thoroughly. Lastly, a moisturiser provides the perfect base for your makeup. The Spawake Brightening Solution Milky Smooth Day Moisturiser spreads over skin like a milky lotion and nourishes it. To avoid cakey makeup, strengthen your base with a primer. This provides a smooth canvas for makeup application.

2. Pick your top three
In a situation where you can carry only three items in your clutch, what would they be? A lightweight base like a BB cream is a good pick for a quick, long-lasting base. The Spawake BB Cream corrects skin tone, covers blemishes and locks moisture in skin for upto 8 hours to make your makeup last longer. Carry loose powder or compact to slightly dust on your face whenever you need it.. Remember to tap and not rub. A long-lasting lipstick of just the right shade is also a must. Pick matte over a creamy formula if you don’t want to re-apply.

3. Set your makeup with a setting spray
Just the right amount of spritz on a heavy day, a makeup setting spray is a refreshing change. The Spawake Perfect Makeup Keep Mist creates a protective shield to lock your makeup for upto 12 hours. Infused with vitamin B6, kelp extract and sea salt, it also nourishes and moisturises skin to give you a fresh look throughout the day. If you’re looking for long lasting makeup for oily skin, a makeup mist will keep it protected from sweat, sebum and pollution.

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