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Here’s How A Cold Cream Benefits Your Skin

Here’s How A Cold Cream Benefits Your Skin

Winter is almost here, and so are dry skin problems. With the weather constantly changing and the nights becoming longer, our skin needs an extra nourishing touch throughout these few months. Luckily, we’ve all grown up with one common product throughout all winter's- the cold cream. Why exactly do you need a cold cream for face in winters? Here are a few benefits of cold cream that will help you decide if you need one.

1. It prevents drynessIf your skin gets particularly dry or sensitive during winter, a cold cream can really change your skincare game. The Spawake Moisturising Cold Cream seeps into your deeper skin cells and conditions them thoroughly. It also avoids any environmental stress due to cold weather. Particularly good for travel, keeping a cold cream handy can save your skin from a lot of trouble. Its non-sticky texture feels smooth, and it’s the best moisturizing cream for dry skin.

2. It provides long-lasting hydrationWith an abundance of moisture, a cold cream deeply hydrates your skin and gives you a smooth, dewy look. It makes your skin feel healthy on the inside as well as outside. Blending seamlessly with your skin, the natural, sea-based ingredients and floral fragrance of the Spawake Moisturising Cold Cream refreshes you and leaves lasting hydration.

3. It removes makeupA not so well known use of cold cream is makeup removal. With its thick oils and melting texture, a cold cream gently removes makeup and smoothes skin. You can apply a small amount of cold cream, spread it thoroughly and gently wipe it off with a tissue or a makeup remover. Keep this hack in mind whenever you run out of your makeup remover.

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