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Here’s Four Things You Didn’t Know About J Beauty

Here’s Four Things You Didn’t Know About J Beauty

Maybe you’ve heard the word in a YouTube video of your favourite skinfluencer. Maybe you’ve picked it up from a lifestyle magazine and it sounded cool to you. As skincare enthusiasts have started giving importance to strengthening your foundation, the days of K Beauty ruling over the industry are now in the past. J-Beauty, all the way from Japan, is slowly earning its rightful place in our hearts with its minimalist routine and sleek, delicious-looking products.

Spilling some Japanese skincare secrets, here’s four things you didn’t know about J Beauty.

1. It’s all about minimalism
When it comes to J Beauty, only one mantra stands- less is more. Contrary to other skincare routines, J Beauty only involves three steps- cleansing, hydrating, and sealing. Do these three steps with your entire mind and heart, and you’ll have a solid foundation. This routine has been passed down through generations, and is still just as effective.

2. It’s all about natural ingredients
The root of Japanese cuisine is using loads of antioxidant rich natural ingredients.The ancient Japanese Geisha diet consisted of consuming food rich in rice, seaweed, green tea, and fish. No wonder their skin is so beautiful! J Beauty utilises ingredients like kelp, sea salt, rice water, etc to enable your skin to rejuvenate naturally.

3. It’s all about precision
Through J Beauty skincare, you touch your skin as little as possible. The application is very crisp and precise. Gently massage skin with a cleanser. Do not apply too much pressure. Rinse thoroughly (THOROUGHLY) and dry your face by tapping it. Next, hydrate your skin with a toner or serum. Lastly, seal the layers with your favourite moisturiser and you’re good to go.

4. It’s all about extensive research
The Japanese skincare products are delicately crafted using exactly the right ingredients, for achieving maximum efficiency. The formulas are smooth, lightweight, and skin-friendly. J Beauty combines nutrition, science, health and precision to bring the best skincare experience to you.

Once you master the J Beauty routine, you’ll know that the Japanese secrets for glowing skin lie in those three steps and nothing more. There is no need to apply additional layers to it. J Beauty brings out the best in your skin through minimum products. It’s time to say konnichiwa to healthy skin!

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