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Here Are Some Ways You Can Glam Up Your Wedding Looks

Here Are Some Ways You Can Glam Up Your Wedding Looks

If your recent searches have been ‘glowing skin’, ‘wedding makeup looks, or ‘wedding look hacks’ then this is about to be a good read for you. There are a few tips from us that can help you prep your skin for a glammed-up look this wedding season. From product suggestions that will help you awaken your inner glow to essentials for a night-long radiant look, you are in for a lustrous ride.

When people say, ‘Glow comes from within’, they are not making this up. Our tropical skin has natural illuminance that is hidden because of dust, pollution and other impurities. To revive and lock that natural sebum, you need a hydrating sheet mask that infuses extreme moisture within deeper layers of your skin and brings out an even complexion. Spawake’s Brightening Solution Instant Radiant Mask is formulated with brightening actives like Vitamin C & B3 that prevent the appearance of dark spots and dullness while giving you a refreshing look.

Once your skin uncovers its natural glow, it’s time to protect that glow from any further environmental stresses that causes dark spots, acne, or aged skin. Try Spawake’s Ayurveda Rejuvenating Day Cream made with ancient Ayurvedic principles and ingredients used in the Japanese beauty regime. It is soft and spreads smoothly into your skin, and with SPF 30/PA++, it also protects you from harmful UV rays reducing the spread of melanin under your skin.

Once your skin is all prepped and ready, a final step would be to use a glowing, lightweight BB cream for a feathery feel and wholesome look. Spawake’s Moisture Glow BB Cream is the perfect essential in your makeup kit to minimise the appearance of imperfections while offering a glistening look. It leaves your skin moisturised, fresh, and even-toned to look like your glamorous self.

Finally, use Spawake’s Perfect Makeup Keep Mist, a lightweight makeup setting spray specially formulated with a long-lasting effect. It creates an undetectable protective shield over your skin that locks your makeup for up to 12 hours and does not clog your pores at the same time.

Understanding what your skin needs, and supplementing it with exactly that, will automatically brighten your skin making you wedding-ready any day. Even though there are many different skin types, they all need hydration and dark spot removal, and with these products, you can get that voguish look this season demands.

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