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Gentle treatment for the harsh winters

Gentle treatment for the harsh winters

Winters are for sipping hot chocolates at dusk, hogging on fruit cakes packed with dry fruits, soaking the sun in oversized jackets and cosying up under the fuzzy blankets. Sadly, winters also bring dry and dehydrated skin that feels coarse and flaky throughout the season.  

The winter air is infamously dry as the humidity is low outdoors and indoors. The air gets worse when indoor furnaces are used for generating heat. The water content of the outermost layer of our skin, i.e., the epidermis, tends to reflect the humidity level around it, making our skin dry and dehydrated.  The skin has three layers, out of which the epidermis is the main protective layer where the drying occurs, leading to roughness, itching, flaking, and sometimes even a burning sensation.

The first way to combat this is by using skin moisturisers that lock in the moisture to rehydrate the epidermis. Although that is not enough. Switching to a winter care range as soon as the dry winds sweep in is the best way to deal with this holistically.

 Here are four must-have products that will keep your skin hydrated and glowing all through winter:

1. Moisture-rich face cleansers
It is absolutely essential to choose a face wash that not only washes away dirt and oil but also keeps your face nourished during winter. The Spawake Moisturising range includes two cleansers. One is the Moisture Solution Face Wash that is enriched with sea minerals and lathers into a rich, creamy texture to wash away all impurities, dirt and excess oil while leaving your skin hydrated and moist with a pearl-like glow. The other is the Moisturising 2-in-1 foam cleanser, an oil-free cleanser that creates a light and airy foam to deep clean your pores, excess oil and even light makeup altogether, leaving you with fresh and radiant skin. 

2. Face Mask
Using a face mask two-three times a week can make up for the excess moisture demanded by your skin. The Spawake Deep Purity Face Mask is a mineral-rich, retexturing face mask packed with seaweed extracts and Vitamin E benefits. It exfoliates the skin in 3 minutes to cure skin dulling by eliminating dead skin cells and impurities to leave you with nourished, regenerated and glowing skin. 

3. Serum
A hydrating serum is a must to ensure your skin does not lose its radiance during winter. Right after your toner, apply a serum of your choice while the skin is still damp because damp skin allows products to go further into the skin. The Spawake Triple Care Serum is rich in sea minerals and Vitamin B3 & Vitamin C, which provides maximum hydration to your skin and treat dark spots and skin darkening at the same time.  

4. Cold Cream
Cold creams are usually disreputed to leave skin sticky and dull. However, very little is known about how beneficial it is to protect your skin's hydration and moisture during winters. The Spawake's Moisturising Cold Cream is a fantastic solution to all your winter problems. It is a lightweight yet deeply hydrating cream that protects your skin from the harsh cold winters while offering relief from rough and chapped skin. It melts into your skin, leaving it non-sticky, soft, moisturised, radiant and healthy.

Choose the right winter care products and you can enjoy the cold breeze without fearing it to ruin your skin.

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