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Four Tips For A Quick Diwali Look

Four Tips For A Quick Diwali Look

It’s that beautiful time of the year again. Diwali brings a lot of positivity, light, and happiness into our lives. However, it also brings a hectic schedule where we don’t really get much time to ourselves. Getting ready with a new look everyday can become quite a challenge. Here are four tips for a quick Diwali makeup look that will help you stay on top of the glam game:

1. Start with a strong prep
Just like every art needs a smooth canvas, your skin needs to be prepped thoroughly before you apply makeup. The Spawake Pore Treatment Toner is an astringent toner that tightens skin and refines the appearance of pores. It also helps to prevent stickiness caused by sweat or sebum. Once your skin texture is refined, you can go ahead with the makeup application.

2. Pick lightweight makeup
On days where you don’t get enough time to get ready, using lightweight makeup is a quick way to pull off a full coverage look in way less time. A BB or a CC cream is easy to apply and has a moisturising effect on skin. The Spawake CC Cream covers imperfections, dullness and moisturises skin for 10 long hours. With a lightweight and moisturising texture, the Spawake BB Cream corrects skin tone and blends perfectly.

3. Use a loose powder
Loose powders add a finishing touch to your base. It has a fine, silky texture that absorbs excess oil and sets the makeup without making it too cakey. It will also make your Diwali makeup look last longer. You don’t need to use a lot of it. Just a slight touch of it and you’re good to go.

4. Seal your look with a setting spray
After you’re done and all dolled up, don’t forget to seal your look with a makeup setting spray. The Spawake Perfect Makeup Keep Mist creates a protective shield over your makeup and locks it or upto 12 hours. It is also water, sebum, and transfer-proof to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

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