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Five Tips For Skincare On The Go

Five Tips For Skincare On The Go

Travel season is officially here, and we cannot wait to finally take that well deserved vacation and relax for a while. In our fully packed schedules, we often tend to ignore the one thing we’ve equally worked hard for- skincare! We’ve tried our best to make sure that your skin has a great time along with you. Here are five tips for skincare on-the-go:

1. Don’t be lazy to cleanse
Be it the weather, the absence of a good washroom, or the fatigue that comes with traveling- we often tend to skip cleansing while we’re on the go. Cleansing is an extremely important step to add moisture to skin. When dirt, excess sebum and impurities settle on your skin for too long, it leads to breakouts. To avoid it, you must cleanse at least twice a day.

2. Make sunscreen your BFF
No matter where you’re traveling, you must always carry and religiously apply sunscreen. In an airplane, the humidity level falls too low. Always apply sunscreen before boarding to keep your skin hydrated. If it’s too hot, avoid stepping out from 10 am to 3pm when the UV rays are at peak. Wear sunglasses when you’re exposed to direct sunlight, especially at high altitudes.

3. Keep wet wipes handy
Wet wipes are God's creation, and they must be protected at all cost. When there’s no water around to cleanse, when you aren’t carrying a makeup remover or when you need a refreshing touch after a long, hot day, wet wipes are your savior. Carry the travel-sized packet in your bag and you’re good to go.

4. Carry a pouch with your essentials
A moisturiser is a must-have item in your bag. Use a nice lip balm to keep your lips from getting chapped. As good-looking as they are, not all hotel skincare products will suit your skin. Instead, carry your own soap and shampoo. If you’re someone who gets puffy skin while traveling, consider carrying a face roller to de-puff.

5. Keep yourself hydrated
The. Most. Important. Step. We often tend to ignore our water intake while we’re traveling. Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water. Try downloading a water app on your phone if you need reminders but make sure that you’re always hydrated. When your body is cleansed from within, that’s when you truly glow.

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