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Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

What are skin types? How can skin have different types? How to know one’s skin type? Isn’t skin just supposed to be the same for everyone?

Questions! Questions! And more questions!

For those of you who aren’t aware about this – Yes! There exist multiple types of skin and you must take care of your skin based on what type it is.

So, how many types are there? You must be wondering...

Well, while there might be multiple skin types depending on your genetics, lifestyle and surrounding environment, they are largely categorised into 4 types.

1. Normal Skin – This type of skin is the most well-balanced without being too oily or too dry. With sebum production and pH levels being under control, normal skin is the easiest to take care of as it’s smooth with fine pores and almost no blemishes.

2. Oily Skin – This type of skin usually has a shiny and greasy appearance caused due to excess sebum production. Even hormonal changes, genetics or the climate can cause oily skin. With large pores that tend to secrete more oil and cause occasional breakouts, this type of skin requires a bit of extra care.

3. Dry Skin – This type of skin is known to occur due to lack of moisture in the skin. Mostly caused due to the weather, the skin tends to have an uneven and dry texture. Even with frequent tightening and itching, dry skin can easily be taken care of with consistent use of the right products.

4. Combination Skin – This type of skin is a confusing one with some parts of the skin being oily and the others being dry, causing roughness and acne. Mainly occurring because of the products used, it can also occur due to genetics and climate changes. With an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, combination skin requires a bit more effort to combat the mix of oily and dry.

Let’s just say you have any one of these types of skin. What do you do? You obviously look for the right products that will help you keep your skin in order. While we do recommend staying hydrated, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, we also recommend using daily skincare products that will add that extra life and care to your skin.

Spawake products are carefully curated with a blend of sea-based and active ingredients, using the most advanced Japanese technologies. Such precision and quality ensure that Spawake is a brand that can be trusted. With a wide range of products, Spawake offers complete skincare solutions for every skin type.

To all the ladies out there – examine your skin, see what works for your skin type and get a hold of the right skincare products. With Spawake, you can enter a world of complete rejuvenation and freshness. And after you enter it, there’s no way you’re going to want to leave it!

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