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Diwali Glam Up in A Few Minutes

Diwali Glam Up in A Few Minutes

The festival of lights brings prosperity, happiness, health and parties! It is that getaway for you to feel your absolute best and glam up your life a little. And who can forget those #Diwali pictures on your Instagram, but how to do that? How to get a glam up for Diwali?

And the bigger question is how to brighten these pandemic blues. From work being constantly on your lap, the excitement to look the best definitely pops up!

Finding a dress, matching shoes and accessories is not that big of a deal, the most important part lies on pulling the whole look off with the flawless skin appearance and a perfect, glowing look.

Hey, you don’t worry anymore…with Spawake’s ultimate party guide you will definitely hit a 1000 likes on your Diwali picture for sure now.

And the best part is the products are so mild on your skin that you would feel light and confident. With Spawake BB cream and CC cream you’ll get that glowing make up look just so much with perfection.

Use Spawake BB or CC creams to get the Diwali glow in simple steps-

Step 1- Always start with basics i.e. clean up your face with our amazing range of facewashes from Spawake. After this prep your skin with our light weightless serum for a flawless primer base - Spawake Triple Care Serum or the Age Solution Intensive Serum as per your need.

Step 2- Apply a base coat of CC Cream if you are looking for a longer duration with Matt finish coverage. And BB Cream if you are looking for lesser duration with Sheer finish coverage. Choose as per your preference.

If you go with the Spawake CC Cream then you get CC cream 01 Light Beige - For light to medium skin tone and CC Cream 02 Natural Beige- For medium to dusky skin tone. A unique CC Cream with SPF 32/PA++, it protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and is a complete complexion cream that covers imperfections, dullness and evens out your skin tone. Containing an oil absorbing powder, it has a long lasting and flawless matt finish.

And if you go with the Spawake BB cream then you get BB Cream 01- Perfect Glow- For light to medium skin tone and BB Cream 02 Natural Glow- For medium to dusky skin tone. It has a delightful formula with a lightweight texture that gives your skin a healthy glow. With an instant burst of fresh moisture, it spreads instantly and smoothly on your skin. And you will never stop glowing!

Step 3- Go for a bold shiny eye liner, choose from pop colors like blue, golden, or a nice hot pink and go for a nude lipstick and shine just like the vibes of Diwali.

Yay! You’ve figured the way to light up your Diwali selfies now! So go on and try out our step by step Diwali Glam in a Few Minutes.

Your friends will definitely ask you the secret of your natural glowing skin!

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