7 Skin Sins You Need To Stop Committing Now

7 Skin Sins You Need To Stop Committing Now

7 Skin Sins You Need To Stop Committing Now

Are you constantly facing skincare issues? Believe it or not, sometimes bad skincare habits could be making things worse. So it’s necessary to keep them in check.

If you think you’ve been following a good skincare routine but still haven’t seen any improvement in your skin quality, you may be committing one or more of these skin sins. And your skin requires some desperate love and care.

But what are these skin sins? Here’s our list of the seven bad habits your skin hates. So, read on, and kick these bad habits to the curb.

1. You Skip SPF The sun is the biggest danger to your skin. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or cloudy, stepping out without sunscreen is a big no-no. And applying it once in the morning isn’t going to cut it; you need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day to protect your skin. For this, you can give Spawake’s UV Cut Silky Milk a try. It is ideal for high sun protection with SPF 50+/PA++++. For when you are indoors, try the UV Protect Aqua Gel with SPF 30/PA++. The bottom line is that sun protection is key and both these sunscreens provide strong protection against the sun by preventing skin darkening, spots, and freckles.

2. You try DIY skincare This is how most of us started our journey towards skincare, but believe it or not, it isn’t the smartest choice. The internet is filled with DIYs that claim to give you glowing and clear skin overnight. Not only will these unreliable recipes ruin your skin barrier, they could also cause you to break out. More often than not, these aren’t researched well and are recommended by numerous people on the internet that have little to no knowledge about skincare. Bad idea. A DIY recipe may give you an instant glow but it damages your skin in the long run. Investing in skincare from brands that research and formulate products for your specific concern is a better alternative.

3. You Don’t Sleep Enough These days, everyone feels as though 24 hours are not enough for them, and in the process, you may be losing out on adequate sleep trying to make the most of your day. Not giving yourself the required amount of sleep can have an impact on your skin health too. When you’re sleeping your skin repairs itself, but when you miss out on your beauty sleep, you deprive your skin from healing. So a good night’s sleep is critical, besides, nobody looks good when they are tired and worn out.

4. You Don’t Mask Do you remember that mask that is sitting unused on your skincare vanity? Yeah, that one. Now’s the time to take it out and give yourself a pampering sesh. Masks can be a magical part of your skincare regime. They target your skin concerns and also give your skin a quick pick-me-up. Besides, you can get masks for all sorts of skincare problems. For example, if pimples and clogged pores are troubling you, then Spawake’s Pimple Solution Charcoal Clay Pack is just what you need. Or, give the Moisturising Deep Purity Mask a try to clean out dead skin cells and other impurities that cause dullness. You can take your pick from hydrating sheet masks as well—the Pimple Solution Purifying Sheet Mask works to fight your pimple and the White Solution Instant Glow Spa Sheet Mask, as the name suggests, gives you glowing skin.

5. You Pick At Your Face Presenting the worst skin sin you could commit: constantly picking at your face. As tempting as it is to touch your face and pop those pimples, it’s dreadful for your skin. Not only does popping pimples lead to scarring, but by constantly touching your face, you’re transferring dirt onto your skin, and that can lead to more breakouts.

6. You Over Cleanse Cleansing and exfoliating are necessary for your skin, agreed, but if you’re overdoing it, you may be damaging the upper layer of your skin. That can make your skin super sensitive and damage the skin’s natural barrier. Use gentle and moisturising cleansers like Spawake’s Moisturising 2-In-1 Foam Cleanser or the Ayurveda Rejuvenating Face Cleanser that will gently cleanse your skin without drying it out.

7. You Wear Makeup To Bed It’s okay to be lazy sometimes, but when it comes to your skin you might be doing great damage. After a tiring day, nobody feels like removing makeup, but going to sleep with your makeup on can clog pores, leaving you with a face full of breakouts. Not to mention, the ingredients from makeup can damage your skin and lend to the ageing process. So the next time you think about going to bed without a good cleanse, think again. And while you’re at it, get your hands on Spawake’s Melting Makeup Remover, which is just the addition your skincare vanity needs. It dissolves all traces of makeup, making the cleansing process simpler and quicker.

How did you fare then? If you saw yourself nodding along to these pointers, then that’s your problem. Might we suggest getting rid of these bad habits, and starting afresh? It’ll do you real good!

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