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10 Beauty Tips for Beginners

10 Beauty Tips for Beginners

Curated with advanced Japanese technologies, Spawake is your everyday sea spa at home. Packed with all the goodness of the sea, it offers the purest range of skincare products that unleash your inner beauty and help you lead a better life.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you blend the purest of sea minerals with active and natural ingredients? You tap into your inner glow. Spawake products are carefully curated with a perfect blend of sea-based and active ingredients that offer effective and replenishing skincare solutions.

And that is exactly why an expert like Spawake is perfect for all you beginners who are just stepping foot into this revitalising and refreshing world of skincare.

Spawake believes that skincare can no longer be considered a luxury or an indulgence, it is in fact now a necessity for many.

And if you’re unsure about how to start to take care of your skin, Spawake has come up with 10 trustworthy skincare tips just for you.

1. Drink Water – While your body needs about 4-8 litres of water a day, the first intake of water is extremely crucial. As soon as you wake up, you must hydrate your skin with a minimum of two glasses of water.

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet – A well maintained diet and great skin go hand in hand. If you eat right, you can embrace clearer and firmer skin that has little to no blemishes.

3. Don’t Use Too Many Products But The Right Kind Of Products – Using multiple skincare products is a big no because it can make your skin harsh and rough. All you need are a few products that work perfectly for your skin type; whether dry, oily or a mix of both.

4. Always Start With A Good Cleanser – A good cleanser in your arsenal is half the job done when it comes to good skin. Depending on the kind of skin you have, Spawake has cleansers that will ensure your skin is clean and fresh every single day. Go for the Pimple Solution Refreshing Face Wash to keep pesky acne at bay, the White Solution Double Scrub Face Wash to remove dead skin cells and impurities from deep inside your pores or try the Moisturising 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser which is oil-free, packed with sea minerals, and removes dirt, grime, and even light make-up in one go.

5. Moisturise Day In And Day Out – Your skin can never be completely healthy if you do not moisturise at least twice a day; once after you freshen up and once before going to bed. Try the Moisturising Fairness Cream For Day for fresh, plumpy skin all day and the Moisturising Fairness Cream For Night that rejuvenates your skin with sea minerals and Vitamin E as you sleep. If you have oily skin, Spawake’s Whitening Ultra Fresh Gel Cream is the perfect bet because it’s smooth, contains SPF, and hydrates your skin without making it sticky. And if you want to show some extra love to your skin, try the Whitening Fairness Gel Cream that moisturises your skin, protects it from harmful sun rays, and brightens your skin tone.

6. Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure – The damage caused by the sun is extremely severe. Whether it’s cold or hot, whether the sun is out or not, stepping out without a good dose of sunscreen is never a good idea. That’s why Spawake’s UV Cut Silky Milk with SPF 50+/PA++++ is just what your skincare kit needs. Water resistant, light-weight and extremely hydrating, it protects your skin sans the sticky residue. And for all those who are too familiar with oily skin woes, get your hands on the UV Protect Aqua Gel SPF30/PA++. This gel-based sunscreen will get absorbed into your skin in no time and provides protection all day long.

7. Treat Your Skin – The best way to get all the vitamins into your skin is through a serum. Spawake’s Pimple Solution Purifying Serum with Advance Purifying Complex that consists of sea minerals, Salicylic acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, and oil control particles targets skin that is prone to blemishes. You can even go for the Triple Care Serum that contains beauty actives of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 along with Algae Extract that brighten your complexion and prevent dark spots and skin darkening.

8. Exfoliate And Refresh At Least Once A Week With A Mask/Pack – After a busy week, the best way to pamper your skin is to exfoliate with a pH-neutral product and then rejuvenate with a cool sheet mask. The White Solution Instant Glow Spa Sheet Mask is a spa for your skin at home. Emollient oil Tencel, there’s everything you need for smooth, hydrated skin. But, in case your skin is in need of some serious TLC, try the Moisturising Deep Purity Mask that contains seaweed extract and Vitamin E. It improves the texture of your skin, tackles dulling, and provides extra nourishment. For those who need a skin-deep cleansing, go for the Pimple Solution Charcoal Clay Pack. Made with the blend of two different types of clay, this pack removes excess sebum, impurities, and pollutants, that clog pores and cause pimples, in three short minutes.

9. Follow A Regular Sleeping Pattern – Sleep deprivation affects skin hydration and skin texture; therefore, it is important to make sure you sleep on time and sleep enough so that your skin feels fresh too.

10. Don’t Touch Your Face Too Much – Constant touching not only spreads bacteria and other germs but it also increases the chances of dryness, wrinkles, and acne. Repeat after us: don’t touch your face!

11. Accept That There Is No Complete Fix – While you may be experimenting with your skincare you should know that what works for others may not work for you and vice versa. It also takes time for a routine to kick in and start showing its effect on your skin, so patience is key.

It is not always easy to figure out the best skincare routine for yourself but once you get the hang of it, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving flawless skin. What are you waiting for then? Start your Spawake recommended skincare routine today!

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