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Age Solution Intensive Serum

Formulated with Advance Rejuvenating Complex that blends high concentration of Astaxanthin with Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract and Vitamin E, this fast-absorbing Age Solution Intensive Serum combats ageing from deep inside and delivers visible results in no time. Adding a new confidence to your skin, this perfect anti-ageing solution immediately moisturises your skin. In 7 days, your skin feels nourished and radiant. In 4 weeks, your skin appears firmer and feels more rejuvenated with visible improvement in fine lines.

A Youthful And Vibrant Glow

The perfect anti-ageing solution gels extremely well into your skin, making your skin firmer and providing a youthful glow!

Enriched With Moisture

Combating dullness and darkening, the emollient capsule in this Serum blends easily into your skin, making it brighter and younger looking!

Smooth And Hydrated Skin

Enriched with sea minerals, this Serum hydrates your skin from deep within, making your skin feel smooth, soft and nourished!

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